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Dead Sea Beach

If you ever get a chance to travel come to the Comox Valley, I recommend going to Kye Bay. If you hate cutting your feet on barnacles, the better option of in Comox Valley is Kye Bay because it is a warm, sandy beach in the summer. I like swimming at this beach at high tide because the water is warm. I like the beach at low tide too because the tidal pools are heated by the sun during the day.

If you are staying in the Comox Valley for more than a week I recommend taking one of the gymnastic classes. If you are just a beginner you should do the rec class. The coaches there are friendly and kind.

If you are thirsty I recommend going to Starbucks. My favourite drink is at cool lime refresher with lemonade instead of water light ice. If you come to Comox when it is Christmas I recommend getting one of my all time favourite things from Starbucks.

Well, that’s it for my three favourite things in the Comox Valley. I hope you like this post and please comment your favourite Starbucks drink.

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  1. Marianna

    My favorite drink from Starbucks is a Pink Drink it has Strawberry Acai, Coconut milk, and dried strawberries.


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