All my pets in my life

I have had six dogs. one of them was a boy and 5 of them were girls. The boy was a Malamute wolf and his name was Griz and he was big and fluffy. One of the girl dogs was a husky and her name was Athena. Three of my girl dogs were Yorkies but one of them is a beaver terrier. Their names are Ruby, Molly and Charlotte. We still have Charlotte right now. My last is a lab and her name is Ella and we still own Ella . Athena is still alive but she was really skittish so we gave her to a trainer and he loves her. Molly is still alive but we gave her to our friend’s brother who is an adult.

I also had three cats. Their names were Roxy, Echo and Leo Roxie ran away and is really old so I think she passed away. When we got Echo and Leo they were kittens but someone was looking for a cat who could kill mice for her so she got Echo. Now we just have Leo .

When I got my first guinea pig it was named Chanel but I didn’t like that name so I changed it to Rosie. But then later on we realized Rosie was actually a boy.  I did not want to change her name again so we just call Rosie a girl but we keep her with my other boy guinea pig. Bruce is his name and he was my second . Then we got Magpie for free from the pet store . I got her so I could breed her with Bruce. We didn’t name her the pet store did . When Magpie had her kids she had a boy and a girl. We named the boy Panda but we never told the owners that was his name. We never told them that I gave him a name so they could pick a name. We kept the girl that Magpie had and I named her Shaniqua from The Backyardigans. My Brother”s snake’s name was Viper but she got old and sadly died . We have also had a bunch of fish and we have a 90 gallon fish tank but I don’t want to make this post any longer so I’ll just keep their names a secret .

Hope you like this post and have a wonderful day.

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