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Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles



Gymnast extraordinaire! Simone Biles, a talented 20 year old gymnast, is one of my favorites. She has been doing  gymnastics since she was 6 years old. She’s has always been a daredevil.

Simone was adopted when she was young. She is the shortest out of all 555 US competitors in Rio. She has a younger sister named Adria and she is a gymnast too.

Simone has gotten a lot of first place finishes in these past couple years. Usually her floor routines are unbeatable. She has had the same coach since she was 8 years old and she is the most decorated gymnast in America. 

Simone  is scared of bees but  loves pizza. She has four German shepherds at home. She loves experimenting with eye makeup. When she’s done competing, she wants to get a real job.  

Simone is risk-taking because she jumps bar to bar and flips off the bar it like it’s nothing . 

She is creative because she creates floor routines also and she creates beam and bar routines . 

Simone is compassionate because if she wins she doesn’t  go around bragging about it. If someone on her team get that place she tries to make me feel good not bad.  

Republic of Korea via Compfight