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Magic Wings


I think Santa is going to look like a 20 year old buff Santa. He’s going to have triceps, biceps, and a major six pack. How did Santa get so buff? you ask. Because he be working out 20 hours a week. He is in a full, whatever-he-wants-to-eat diet.

He is dating a Victoria’s Secret model and they are happily living in Los Pole which is a sunny version of the North Pole.

All the girl reindeer are going to have holographic collars that hook up to the sleigh. The boy reindeer are going to have camo colours. His new sled is going to be matte black.

And that is what I think the new Santa and reindeer, sled, and Ms Claus. will be like in 100 years.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post about what I think Santa is going to look like in a 100 years?

Creative Commons License Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos via Compfight