Harris Burdick / Boy Wonder

It was 9 o’clock and it was Linden’s bedtime so Linden crawled into bed. Then the window creaked while slowly opening. As the wind blows in through the window, there appears two eyes staring down at him. Linden rolled over to grab some more blankets and he did not notice the two eyes hovering over him.

In the morning his dad wondered why his window was open. Linden had no idea why the windows was open but he told his dad I got hot last night. Lindens little brother Easton heard a noise last night. Easton was scared so he went to Lindens room than he saw two eyes staring down at his brother then he crawled into his parents bed because he were scared .

In the morning he thought it was just a nightmare but then later on in the day he realized it wasn’t. That night Linden and Easton went to bed then the same thing happened to Easton. The window slowly creeped well open wind blowing in the window. Then there was too big eyes staring down at him . Easton opened his eyes and looked up and ran .

The next day. When into wondered why Easter was in his bedroom and ask him. Easton and Linden talked about how the exact same thing happened to both of them. They wondered how they are going to tell their parents.

When they told their parents and their dad said the exact same thing happened to him and he was their age. His dad explain how this only happened once to him and then they said that the boys can sleep in their bedroom tonight.

That night everything was silent except for the laughter in their voices when they were telling funny stories.

The creature never came again. The end.

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