Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles



Gymnast extraordinaire! Simone Biles, a talented 20 year old gymnast, is one of my favorites. She has been doing  gymnastics since she was 6 years old. She’s has always been a daredevil.

Simone was adopted when she was young. She is the shortest out of all 555 US competitors in Rio. She has a younger sister named Adria and she is a gymnast too.

Simone has gotten a lot of first place finishes in these past couple years. Usually her floor routines are unbeatable. She has had the same coach since she was 8 years old and she is the most decorated gymnast in America. 

Simone  is scared of bees but  loves pizza. She has four German shepherds at home. She loves experimenting with eye makeup. When she’s done competing, she wants to get a real job.  

Simone is risk-taking because she jumps bar to bar and flips off the bar it like it’s nothing . 

She is creative because she creates floor routines also and she creates beam and bar routines . 

Simone is compassionate because if she wins she doesn’t  go around bragging about it. If someone on her team get that place she tries to make me feel good not bad.  

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All my pets in my life

I have had six dogs. one of them was a boy and 5 of them were girls. The boy was a Malamute wolf and his name was Griz and he was big and fluffy. One of the girl dogs was a husky and her name was Athena. Three of my girl dogs were Yorkies but one of them is a beaver terrier. Their names are Ruby, Molly and Charlotte. We still have Charlotte right now. My last is a lab and her name is Ella and we still own Ella . Athena is still alive but she was really skittish so we gave her to a trainer and he loves her. Molly is still alive but we gave her to our friend’s brother who is an adult.

I also had three cats. Their names were Roxy, Echo and Leo Roxie ran away and is really old so I think she passed away. When we got Echo and Leo they were kittens but someone was looking for a cat who could kill mice for her so she got Echo. Now we just have Leo .

When I got my first guinea pig it was named Chanel but I didn’t like that name so I changed it to Rosie. But then later on we realized Rosie was actually a boy.  I did not want to change her name again so we just call Rosie a girl but we keep her with my other boy guinea pig. Bruce is his name and he was my second . Then we got Magpie for free from the pet store . I got her so I could breed her with Bruce. We didn’t name her the pet store did . When Magpie had her kids she had a boy and a girl. We named the boy Panda but we never told the owners that was his name. We never told them that I gave him a name so they could pick a name. We kept the girl that Magpie had and I named her Shaniqua from The Backyardigans. My Brother”s snake’s name was Viper but she got old and sadly died . We have also had a bunch of fish and we have a 90 gallon fish tank but I don’t want to make this post any longer so I’ll just keep their names a secret .

Hope you like this post and have a wonderful day.

Death in Space

Hi I live in Los Angeles and it’s winter. I hate winter and you can’t tan in the winter so I spent a couple million dollars. So I can go to space and tan in front of the sun.

So it took me about three years together and then I kind of caught my hair on  fire and burned to ashes.

Hope you like this post and thanks for reading.

Where I Live

Dead Sea Beach

If you ever get a chance to travel come to the Comox Valley, I recommend going to Kye Bay. If you hate cutting your feet on barnacles, the better option of in Comox Valley is Kye Bay because it is a warm, sandy beach in the summer. I like swimming at this beach at high tide because the water is warm. I like the beach at low tide too because the tidal pools are heated by the sun during the day.

If you are staying in the Comox Valley for more than a week I recommend taking one of the gymnastic classes. If you are just a beginner you should do the rec class. The coaches there are friendly and kind.

If you are thirsty I recommend going to Starbucks. My favourite drink is at cool lime refresher with lemonade instead of water light ice. If you come to Comox when it is Christmas I recommend getting one of my all time favourite things from Starbucks.

Well, that’s it for my three favourite things in the Comox Valley. I hope you like this post and please comment your favourite Starbucks drink.

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Harris Burdick / Boy Wonder

It was 9 o’clock and it was Linden’s bedtime so Linden crawled into bed. Then the window creaked while slowly opening. As the wind blows in through the window, there appears two eyes staring down at him. Linden rolled over to grab some more blankets and he did not notice the two eyes hovering over him.

In the morning his dad wondered why his window was open. Linden had no idea why the windows was open but he told his dad I got hot last night. Lindens little brother Easton heard a noise last night. Easton was scared so he went to Lindens room than he saw two eyes staring down at his brother then he crawled into his parents bed because he were scared .

In the morning he thought it was just a nightmare but then later on in the day he realized it wasn’t. That night Linden and Easton went to bed then the same thing happened to Easton. The window slowly creeped well open wind blowing in the window. Then there was too big eyes staring down at him . Easton opened his eyes and looked up and ran .

The next day. When into wondered why Easter was in his bedroom and ask him. Easton and Linden talked about how the exact same thing happened to both of them. They wondered how they are going to tell their parents.

When they told their parents and their dad said the exact same thing happened to him and he was their age. His dad explain how this only happened once to him and then they said that the boys can sleep in their bedroom tonight.

That night everything was silent except for the laughter in their voices when they were telling funny stories.

The creature never came again. The end.


Magic Wings


I think Santa is going to look like a 20 year old buff Santa. He’s going to have triceps, biceps, and a major six pack. How did Santa get so buff? you ask. Because he be working out 20 hours a week. He is in a full, whatever-he-wants-to-eat diet.

He is dating a Victoria’s Secret model and they are happily living in Los Pole which is a sunny version of the North Pole.

All the girl reindeer are going to have holographic collars that hook up to the sleigh. The boy reindeer are going to have camo colours. His new sled is going to be matte black.

And that is what I think the new Santa and reindeer, sled, and Ms Claus. will be like in 100 years.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post about what I think Santa is going to look like in a 100 years?

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My Baby Guinea Pigs

It is Annika. And these are my baby guinea pigs their names are Shinequa and Panda . They were born yesterday on November 27, 2017. Their parents’  names are Magpie and Bruce. We might have to sell her babies but I really don’t want to. I’ve always wanted to have a bunch of guinea pigs.

If you want to hear more about Rosie and Bruce check out my blog in a week or two because I’m going to be posting more about Rosie and Bruce.