7 thoughts on “My Guinea Pig

  1. Kayley

    Hey Annika,
    Your guinea pig looks very cute! It’s kinda sad that you have to sell her :(. You should make another post on Bruce and Rosie. Do you have a favourite breed of guinea pig? I would love to read a post that has some facts on guinea pigs because I know nothing about them.
    Have a wonderful day,

    1. Annika Post author

      Hi Kayley,
      I’m going to do two or three more posts about my guinea pigs. One of my posts are going
      to be about my baby guinea pigs and the other post is going to be about Rosie and Bruce.
      The third post is going to be about having and breeding guinea pigs.
      Thank you for commenting Kayley.

  2. Christa Harrison

    Good morning Annika.
    Great start to your blog, I look forward to reading more about you and all the things that you are interested in.


    1. Annika Post author

      Hi Christa
      Thank you for commenting on my blog . I did not know you can get on to my blog without having a blogs.
      Sincerely Annika your daughter

  3. Thai

    Hi Annika,
    your guinea pig magpie is so cute. do you have any other pets other then guinea pigs? I think it is really cool how magpie is going to have babies although you have to sell two of them at lest you can keep one.
    have a great day from Thai

    1. Annika Post author

      Hi Thay it is Annika

      I have other guinea pigs I have four other guinea pigs .
      two of my guinea pigs are magpies and Bruce’s kids.
      Their kids names are Shaniqua and panda. My very first guinea pigs name is
      Rosie. I might get to keep Shaniqua.

      Sincerely Annika

  4. Martha

    Great Blog.
    I have a guinea pig too, her name is Sandy. I love the movie Grease and felt it was appropriate to give her the name Sandy, like the main character in the movie. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to read your other blogs.



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