My Baby Guinea Pigs

It is Annika. And these are my baby guinea pigs their names are Shinequa and Panda . They were born yesterday on November 27, 2017. Their parents’  names are Magpie and Bruce. We might have to sell her babies but I really don’t want to. I’ve always wanted to have a bunch of guinea pigs.

If you want to hear more about Rosie and Bruce check out my blog in a week or two because I’m going to be posting more about Rosie and Bruce.


6 thoughts on “My Baby Guinea Pigs

  1. Gabi

    Hey Annika!
    It must be so exciting to have new baby guinea pigs! Are they boys or girls?
    I used to have guinea pigs when I was little, and they are so sweet and fun to play with. Do the babies walk around yet?
    I hope you get to keep them, they look so cute!
    Happy blogging!

    1. Annika Post author

      HI Gabi, When guinea pigs are born, they are born with hair, eyes open, and teeth. They are ready to rumble from day one. Panda is a boy, and Shinequa is a girl. They’re fun to play with but they aren’t always sweet. I have a scar on my thumb from Rosie biting me.
      Have a good holiday.
      Sincerely Annika

  2. Chloe

    Hi Annika,
    I have met both Rosie and Bruce and they were very sweet and cute. The babies are very cute and i hope that you don’t have to give them away 🙂
    Have a turtle-filled day
    Sincerely Chloe

    1. Annika Post author

      Hi Cloe, I’m glad that you had a chance to meet Rose and Bruce. They’ve gotten a lot bigger since you first saw them. Maybe one day, you could come by and see the babies before they find a new home. If you had to pick a guinea pig that you liked the best, which one would it be? There’s the Absydian, which is what Rosie is, the American, Teddy, Peruvian, Texil, Sheltie, Rex, or Himalayan. I’ve seen a Teddy guinea pig, and it was small and looked like a little beaver with no tail. I can’t exactly pick a favourite guinea pig but the one I like the least, is the American because they are so common.
      Have a guinea pig filled day 🙂
      Sincerely Annika

  3. Abbey

    Hello Annika,
    Those are really cute names for baby guinea pigs, especially panda, because they are black and white! I think that the picture you got of there mother or father, looking at her babies while you are holding them is super cute! I am guessing the baby more in the front is Shinequa, and the one more in the back is panda. Am I right? That’s sad that you might have to sell them, they look just to cute to sell! I will make sure to read about your other guinea pigs once you post about them! Goodbye and have a awesome day!
    Sincerely, Abbey

    1. Annika Post author

      Hi Abbey, I’m glad you liked my guinea pig post. I wasn’t sure many people would like it. The guinea pig in my right hand is Shinequa, and the other in my left hand is Panda. Their mother, Magpie, is the only parent in the picture. The picture was taken just after she had her babies so she is still has the pregnant look. I have a guinea pig Instagram if you’d like to check it out. It’s called “Guinea Pigs for Life”
      Check back for more picture of them as they grow 🙂


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